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A.R. Yoga teacher / UK:  "Valeria is an intuitive instructor whose heartfelt passion for the healing powers of yoga and reiki shines through her very being. She teaches with care and precision while her mix of encouragement, patience and technical know-how leaves her students feeling incredibly centred and empowered."

J.C. Yoga teacher / New Zealand: "Valeria has a rich understanding of energy and an infinite love for healing and yoga. Her approach to healing and teaching are both professional, supportive and inspiring. Her intent is always directed to the well being of her clients and students and her caring nature ensures they leave their practice or session feeling more in alignment with themselves and what's going on around them."

M.T. Co-founder of The Life Skool / United Kingdom: "Upon first meeting Valeria, I felt she was truly present in herself and very centred. Her listening skills are quickly evident and she holds the space in a deeply caring, loving manner. Her sensitivity, intuition and energy work combine to provide a positive healing connection. Whilst a complete professional, Valeria has a personal approach and ‘sees’ each client in their uniqueness. I have no hesitation in recommending Valeria as a healer and well being practitioner."

R.J. Entrepreneur / UK: "In the few classes I took part, Valeria understood how to handle my injuries, helping me to feel part of the group and always welcome. She encouraged me to stretch without straining, not only my body as managing the energy levels. Whenever in SW London, will attend!!"